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Custom Built, Point-To-Point Hand-Wired Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers

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All amps are built one-at-a-time with the highest attention to detail. These amps are constructed to go out and endure the rigors of travel and gigging! They are equally at home in the studio as well. ALL amps are engineered to run quietly...a must in the studio environment! All amps are guaranteed for 5 years (excepting tubes and speakers).

Only the finest components are used. NOS tubes and custom-made Weber speakers are standard and reflected in the prices shown. Prices can vary (up or down) depending on your choices in customization. Please feel free to request a quote!


Cabinets, chassis, and speaker cabinets fabricated to my specifications here in North Carolina. Components chosen and assembled with loving care by yours truly. Beautiful lacquered tweed covering is standard. Many other cabinet and grill coverings available. Please inquire.

Cabinet and speaker options, as well as vacuum tube choices can affect pricing. Inquire here for further customization needs.

CURRRENT MODELS AVAILABLE (more pics coming soon!):

the LITTLE BUCK - My 5-watt version of the Fender 5F1 circuit (similar to the Fender Champ). Great for practice and studio recording! $649*

the NEWBERRY - An ~18-watt version of the ever-popular 5E3 circuit (similar to the Fender Deluxe). Perfect for small-medium performance venues and the studio, of course! Imminently 'tweakable' for tone, response, and 'break-up'. Weber AlNiCo 12 is standard for killer vintage tone. Various model speakers available in application of tonal perfection!. A great blues/rock amp to be sure. Click here for build shots and sound clips. $1299*

the HARPER - Another great paractice and studio amp coming in at around 10 watts and employing an 8 inch speaker (similar to the 5F2A Fender Princeton). Go AlNiCo for the classic tweed tone, and ceramic if you desire a bit more projection and a little more tightness in the low end. $899*. Upgrade to 10 inch speaker $999*

the CATAWBA - This one could be my favorite of the lot for all the variety and joy this unit offers. Coming in at 25-30 watts depending on configuration, this beauty sporting a 15 inch AlNiCo speaker can cover a lot of musical territory. Classic tweed cleans and a break-up/overdrive point that may just keep the neighbors happy and the cops at bay! Perfect for blues...and more! (similar to the Fender 5E5A Pro). Yep, this one has the classic 'Presence' control. Click here for pics and sound clips $1899*

the ROCKHOUSE - Similar to the CATAWBA in its circuitry (some slight changes in the output transformer and the negative feedback portion of the circuit), this unit features 2 X 10 inch speakers. Why not try one AlNiCo and one ceramic speaker for a stupendously euphonic presentation of your playing? Any way you cut it, this is a venerable, classic, and versatile design. You'll be the envy of all the guys and gals. Might even make you smarter and handsomer, too! (similar to the 5F4 Fender Super). $1999*

the ARMSTRONG - Dual-rectified 2 X 12 ~35-45 watts. Several speaker options from which to choose. I really do like an AlNiCo/Ceramic comination with multiple-speaker applications. (similar to the 5E8-A Fender low-power Twin). For those that like more clean headroom before onset of power stage overdrive. $2049*

the BIRCHFIELD - 10 watt with 1 X 10. Tremolo equipped (power tube bias shift) (similar to the 5F11 Fender Vibrolux) $1149*

the THUNDER HOLE - 4 X 10 @ ~40 watts. This is the same basic circuit upon which Jim Marshall based the Marshall amp line. I'll be glad to keep yours 'Fendery' or make it more 'Marshally'. Quintessential amp tone...for days! $2499*

"Fender" is a registered trademark of the Fender Musical Instrument Corporation. BRVTW and Blantone Music have no affiliation with Fender Musical Instruments.



~Stephen Blanton