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5E5A Build: the "CATAWBA"

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(For current models available as custom order click here)

Sound clips on the way for the 5E5A...

Overview of the back of cab and open chassis. Weber 15A125 AlNiCo 30 watt 15 inch speaker (their version of the Jensen P15N). Current tubes are JAN RCA 5U4GB rectifier, 2 @ NOS TUNG-SOL 5881, RCA 12AX7, and 2 @ NOS Tung-Sol 12AY7...

2 Channels, Treble, Bass, Presence, and they go to 12!

Kicking back with its Epi Sorrento complement (tilt-back nice)...

5e5a pwer tube section

Cathode resistors in place to measure power tube current draw.

Ground buss intricacies. Sold. Built to last.

Inside rear-chassis panel inside shielding. All amps built here get this treatment.